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Bookings cannot be made within two hours of arrival
Departure date cannot be before arrival date
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Easier and cheaper

Couldn't have been easier and was so much cheaper, will definitely use again and recommend to friends!

Mrs Watt

Quick and competitive

Simplicity itself! Quick entry and exit and a very efficient transfer to and from the airport with very little waiting time. Very competitive pricing. Will not hesitate to use Plane Parking again.

Mrs Gough


The whole process was so user friendly. This was the first time I have used your system and I will hopefully use it in the future.

Ms Money

Plane Parking Value

Plane Parking Value is the cheapest Edinburgh Airport parking offer. Park onsite in Edinburgh Airport’s Plane Parking website, walk to the next door Long Stay car park, and catch the 5 minute transfer bus to the Terminal. There’s no need to hand your keys in, just take a ticket at the barrier and find your space. Plane Parking isn’t a flexible product, so make sure you are certain of your travel dates before you book.

Plane Parking Flexible

All the value of Plane Parking, but you can change your booking date and time up to 24 hours before departure. Plane Parking flexible is ideal if you’re not quite sure of your travel date or time, but want to pre-book airport parking at a great price.